People weigh in on what Mary has to offer…

It’s uncanny.  Mary is both professional and warm at the same time – characteristics which seldom go hand in hand.  Mary is always looking to better herself, and “better” means what the client wants better to be.  I would say that I’ve seen her work outside her comfort zone to do whatever it takes attain this “better” performance, but upon reflection, I don’t know if there is a comfort zone which boxes Mary in.  Mary is simply willing to do whatever it takes to make the delivery shine and match the client’s needs.

Mary is one of those unique individuals who, when around, makes everyone want to do their best – period.  Her professionalism and work ethic is contagious and beneath it all, Mary is simply a great person.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Mary for any position she’s looking to attain.

Greg Brinton, Brinton Consulting, LLC. Owner / Sales Consultant

I book Mary as a go-to talent because in addition to her depth and range as a voice actor, Mary is also an accomplished producer and director of talent, including Oprah Winfrey early in her career. Mary takes direction so well because she understands what I need, and how to work with me to deliver it. Her performances have a tone and character that improve upon my original ideas.  Mary is a true creative contributor who plays well with others.

Rick Johnson, TV program producer, Rick Johnson Films

Mary is a professional actress in the truest sense of the word; beyond her prodigious talent, she is a skilled and sensitive team player. Whether it is presenting to a live audience, as an on-camera personality, or as a voiceover artist, Mary knows how to bring that rare human spirit and energy to any project, with just the right mix of intelligence, confidence and humor. I love working with Mary, and you will too.

David Rosenthal, Actor, Creator of www.InternetVoiceCoach.com

Mary Windishar is talented, professional, and a joy to work with! I recommend Mary for on-camera principle and narrator work, as well as voice-over. Her work and sunny personality keeps clients happy and coming back for more!

Ali Hoffmann, Agent, Tonry Talent
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