Live Moderator or Presenter

Need a Ringmaster?

Mary has moderated more than 600 video or audio webcasts for clients of UBM (formerly CMP), and 3g Selling.  They include HP, Microsoft, Astra Zeneca, Novartis, and others.

Windishar does live Q&A, interviews, conducts polls, pushes slides, and reads 5 straight minutes of teleprompter (without breaking into tears) …easily and often. Her experience producing live television comes in handy as she anticipates and handles the inevitable challenges that occur when technology is coupled with broadcasting.

Trade Show Presenter

Everyone knows that a bimbo in a bikini is what tradeshow attendees really want. And while she’s never been deemed a booth babe, the title of “foxy mom” has been used to describe Mary.

For SCC Media, she delivered a 17 minute presentation with credibility and clarity. For Pacific Fertility Center she touted the benefits of its mobile laboratory. At hi-tech trade shows she explained soft and hardware to BSEEs without them realizing that her degree is in drama.

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