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Mary WindisharFor years, Mary produced some of broadcasting’s finest performers, including Oprah Winfrey (WJZ-TV), Barry Nolan, Nancy Glass, Jan Yanehiro, Richard Hart, and Mike Jerrick. As National Producer of PM/Evening Magazine she worked with local hosts coast to coast, and was known for being “great with talent.”

Mary’s clients have also included PBS’s David Brancaccio, Rick Johnson (Lightworks, KRON-TV,) Don Elium (Fox-TV’s Married by America,) and KOMO TV’s Elisa Jaffee, Kent Phillips, Cindi Rinehart and Natasha Curry. Additionally, Mary teaches at SF Acting Academy, and is a principal at Global Voice Acting Academy.

Kudos or suck-ups? You be the judge . . .

[I am] your disciple…” David Brancaccio, Host, “Now”

You have a terrific ability to identify what a person needs to do, but perhaps more important, to provide exactly the right amount of detail. Any more would be overwhelming, any less not useful.” Ceil Tilney, Account Director, Taproot Foundation

You really blow these guys away. I’m honored to have you teach for me.” Taylor Korobow, founder, The Voice Factory.

Mary is not only a great listener, but she comes up with some incredibly intuitive observations! I’m so glad that our paths crossed!” Natasha Curry, Anchor, CNN

Mary rocks as a voice coach!
Steven Stoutenberg, Member, InternetVoiceCoach.com

Next:  Check out Mary’s blog to get a taste of her teaching style, or contact her about special rates for private lessons in her studio or via Skype.

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