On Camera Host or Narrator

Show Host

Windishar hosts TV and radio programs, including:

  • “Inside China” (10+ years in PBS syndication)
  • 13-part PBS series on the 2008 Games
  • “Beijing: Changed By The Olympics” (PBS)
  • “Computer Shopper” & “Digital Avenue” (ZDTV)
  • “The Parent Club” (Command Audio)

Plus, Mary was an advice columnist on NBC’S America’s Talking, a parenting expert on The Family Channel, and she hosts infomercials, including QVC’s Ultimate Sweater Machine and Llorente cookware with Chef Tell. Skills: teleprompter, ear prompter, and memorization.


Mary says she shows off for a living. Even though kids get beat up on playgrounds for that kind of talk, it’s going pretty well for Windishar. Her videos have updated B of A clients, demonstrated PDAs for Palm, and delivered Chevron’s Human Resources messages. Check out her resume to see the rest.

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